Ultraspec Medical
Economically Packaged to meet your stringent quality, budgetary Functional Requirements

Ultraspec Screening Speculum

Economically Packaged to meet stringent quality, budgetary Functional Requirements

Ultraspec® Screening Speculum

Designed specifically to meet the stringent quality, budgetary and functional requirements of surgeries. Individually packed in easy-open economy pouches, Ultraspec® Screening Speculum combine value with safety and comfort:


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"Ultraspec Speculum - they're great. They don't break and you don't have to spend time screwing the nut.”

Furlong Medical Practice


“I like this strong, reliable device. Patients often comment on its comfort in comparison to other speculum.”

NHS Shrewsbury

Full Range of Sizes Available: 

ORDER CODES: Ultraspec Screening, Single-use Speculum, Shatter-Resistant with lock:
Ultraspec Screening Speculum Small 140: 3USSSPB Ultraspec Screening Small.jpg
Ultraspec Screening Speculum Medium 120: 3USSMPB Ultraspec Screening Med.jpg
Ultraspec Screening Speculum Medium Long 120:3USSMLB Ultraspec Screening Medium Long.jpg
Ultraspec Screening Speculum Large 120: 3USSLPB Ultraspec Screening Large.jpg

Also Available: 

- Without ratchet



- Conveniently packed in 25s



Ultraspec Screening Without Ratchet.jpg

Ultraspec Screening - Smooth-Spin Nut.JPG