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Ultraspec® and EcoGold® vaginal specula have been designed for gynaecological procedures, including cervical screening, vaginal cervical examinations and IUD fittings.

Developed with extensive input from professionals, each feature offers improved patient comfort and safety; reducing patient trauma and preserving clinician’s confidence. UK-Manufactured in latex-free material, the unbreakable cusco-style speculum are the safe choice for healthcare professionals and patients.

“I like this strong, reliable device which appears to be unbreakable and patients comment on its comfort in comparison to other speculum” Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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The track record so far...  Millions of Ultraspec® and EcoGold® vaginal speculum used with zero breakages reported.  Unbreakable polymer ensures that in the event of a muscle spasm, the speculum will flex, whilst other brands shatter.


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Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum

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EcoGold Vaginal Speculum

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“Ultraspec…  Superior Technically”

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